Planked Wreath Hanger

My mom and I found this gorgeous magnolia wreath at Pier 1, and we both LOVED it. A couple weeks later, one appeared at my front door, because my mom is awesome! So then I had this beautiful wreath and no idea where I wanted to put it. I had planned to hang it on the front door, but the thought of it getting dirty and weathered made me sad. So it sat on my buffet table for several months until I decided where to put it. I didn’t really want to just hang it on the wall by itself, so this is what I came up with! (I was also waiting until I could make the coat rack and bench too, so it didn’t look funny hanging on a big open wall all by itself.)


3 pcs 1×2 @ 28” long

3 pcs 1×4 @ 28” long

2 pcs 1×5 @ 28” long

2 pcs 1×2 @ 26” long (these pieces go on the back to hold all the boards together)

1 ¼” wood screws

Wall hanging kit

Cup hook



Saw (or have your wood cut at the lumber store)




If you love the coat rack you see in these photos, check out that tutorial here!

This project is about as easy as it gets. I made mine about 28” square, but you can easily adjust the measurements to fit a different size wreath. Just add or take away a plank or two, and cut them all to the right length.

I just laid all my 28” planks down on the floor and lined up the edges, leaving a little gap between each board. The 26” long pieces of 1×2 hold all the planks together. Just lay them down on top of the boards and perpendicular to them. Drill one screw through the 1×2 into each plank. I used self-tapping screws to make things even easier.

Attach your hanging hardware to the back and stain/paint/finish it however you like. Line up your wreath so you know where to attach your cup hook, then just predrill and screw it in. It’s that simple!

I actually painted my boards before I attached them all together. I did one quick coat of white paint, and once it was dry I did some sanding on the edges and corners to distress it a bit. I figured this would be easier before assembly rather than after.


As always, thanks for reading!