Coat Rack

Alright now, I’ve been away from this blog for quite some time. It keeps nagging at me in the back of my mind, but I never seem to make it a priority. But I have a lot of projects I really want to share, and I’m going to TRY to be good in the coming weeks about getting up-to-date on all the things I’ve built in the last several months. I also have about a bajillion more projects that tumble around in my brain all the time and I really want to work on, so I’ll be adding to the workload as I go. But I’ll catch up…eventually…

I seriously love this coat rack that I built around Christmas time. I always felt bad when guests would come over and have no idea where to drop off their things. So I finally built this coat rack, along with a little bench and a planked backing for a wreath, to really spruce up my entryway. Even though it involves cutting some crown molding, it really was pretty simple to make.



1 – 8′ 4×4

1 – 8′ 1×6

1 – 6′ 1×6 (or a piece of scrap at least 16.5″ long)

1 – 8′ 1×2

1 – 8′ piece crown molding (3 5/8-inch wide)

1 post finial

wood glue

1-1/4″ wood screws

brads/finish nails

paintable caulk


Cut List

4×4 cut to ~6ft

1×4 – 2 @ 28”, 2 @ 10.5”, 2 @ 5”

1×6 – 2 @ 28” & ripped down to 5” wide, 3 @ 16.5”, 1 @ 5.5”

1×2 – 2 @ 5”, 2 @ 6.5”, 4 @ 3.5” mitered 45 degrees, measured on short edge

4 wood squares from scrap wood, ~2.5” square (these are the little feet)

Crown molding – 4 @ 5″ on short edge (it’s best to wait and measure/cut this once you’re ready to attach it to ensure the best fit)



Click here for free printable plans, and follow along below for more detailed instructions.

The first step is to wrap the bottom of the 4×4 with the 28” long pieces of 1×4 and 1×6. Attach the 1×4 first, lining up the edges of the 1×4 with the sides of the 4×4. Glue and attach with screws or finish nails. Then attach the ripped 1×6 to the opposite sides the same way.

Cap the top of the “wrapping” with the 4 pieces of mitered 1×2. Since my 4×4 wasn’t very square, I glued and nailed the mitered corners together first. Then I glued and nailed down through the top of the cap pieces into the ends of the pieces that wrap the post. You can sort of see where I patched those holes in the photo below.


Glue together the three 16.5” pieces of 1×4 along the edges and clamp. While the glue is drying, you can screw them to the bottom of the post. I just sunk a few 3” long screws straight through the bottom into the end of the post. I clamped a scrap piece of wood to the square base to help it “hang” on the post and stay lined up while I screwed it on.


Next, attach the two 10.5″ 1×4 pieces on top of the square base, flush against the post. Place them perpendicular to the planks in the base to help hold everything together better. Use wood glue and screw together from the bottom. In the same way, add the 5″ pieces of 4×4 to fill in the spaces.


Add the little feet next. Apply some glue to one side of a foot piece and stick it to a bottom corner of the base, leaving the foot overhanging the edge a bit. Clamp it down and add a screw underneath, making sure to sink the screw into the wood. Otherwise, your coat rack will rest on the screw instead of the wood foot.


Now wrap the post with the short pieces of 1×2, with the tops measuring 3” up from the top of the base. Attach with glue and brads/finish nails.


Next step is to cut and attach the molding. This was the first time I’ve worked with crown molding, and it ended up a bit sloppy. But it turns out caulk can cover a multitude of problems, so no worries! Attach the molding with brads or finish nails. We’re almost done!


The last step is the top. Center the 5.5” piece of 1×6 on the top of the post. Glue in place and add a finish nail in 2 opposite corners. Then pre-drill the hole for the finial right in the center and screw it in place. This will help hold the square piece down. I apparently didn’t take any photos of this step, sorry.

To really finish it off right, smooth over all the gaps and holes with paintable caulk. It made a HUGE difference in mine.


Paint, attach your hooks, and then if you’re like me, tell your husband he can’t actually USE this coat rack because it’s only for guests when they visit, and if you hang all your stuff on it, it just looks messy when it’s really only there to look pretty. Then start hanging all your stuff on it because it’s super convenient and see how long it takes him to say something.


Thanks for reading!